How much marijuana can I purchase?

A customer cannot purchase more than the following amounts at any one time or within one day:

  • One ounce of usable marijuana if a recreational consumer;
  • 24 ounces of usable marijuana if a registered OMMP patient or designated primary caregiver;
  • 16 ounces of a cannabinoid product in solid form;
  • 72 ounces of a cannabinoid product in liquid form;
  • Five grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates, whether sold alone or contained in an inhalant delivery system;
  • Four immature marijuana plants; and
  • Ten marijuana seeds.

OMMP patients and age restriction.

OLCC retailers selling marijuana for medical purposes can sell medical marijuana to OMMP patients 18 years of age or older.

What’s medical grade marijuana? 

 Medical grade means marijuana items that have a higher THC concentration limit compared to items sold to recreational customers. For example a recreational customer can buy a package of edibles that contains up to 50 mg of THC and each serving size in that package can be up to 5mg of THC. A medical grade edible sold to an OMMP registered patient can contain up to 100 mg of THC per package and there is no maximum serving size for medical grade edibles.

YES! Bigfoot Bud Co (BFBCo.) is licensed by OLCC as a recreational dispensary. Our License number is 050-10039882706

Are you licensed by the OLCC?

The legislature set the base tax rate at 17 percent, however, they made provisions under certain circumstances for cities and counties to add up to an additional 3 percent tax. Molalla opted in for the additional 3 percent tax so all Marijuana products that Bigfoot Bud Co. sells will be taxed 20 percent which is included in our prices for easy pricing.

How much are the taxes on recreational marijuana?

Measure 91 provides distribution of revenue after costs to the following: 

  • 40 percent to Common School Fund
  • 20 percent to Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services
  • 15 percent to State Police
  • 10 percent to Cities for enforcement of the measure
  • 10 percent to Counties for enforcement of the measure
  • 5 percent to Oregon Health Authority for alcohol and drug abuse prevention

Where will the tax money go?

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